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Matias De Falcis
My work explores the abstraction of movement through technology.

The synergy of the work with phenomena of the human experience represented by the fluidity of light according to algorithmic patterns that blur the line between the digital and physical world, challenging the sense of reality and questioning the limits of our perception in the face of an immersive experience.

Matias De Falcis is a multidisciplinary artist and architect from Argentina, currently based in Barcelona. From an early age, he showed interest in geometry (dimensionality) and working with construction materials (fragments), which allowed him to discover how the interaction between elements alters spatial interpretation. This led him to study architecture in the city of Rosario, where he graduated in 2013 with an honorable mention medal for his outstanding academic performance. During his training, he was captivated by digital tools and technology, to the point that the use of CNC and laser cutters became frequent tools in the design of his works, demonstrating a notable artistic concern in his career.

In his desire to delve deeper into the world of art, he decided to settle in the city of Barcelona, where he met Mareo Rodríguez, a Mexican artist with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate in his study and absorb his distinctive concept of "light as ether", thus exploring light from a spiritual perspective. In Barcelona, he attended numerous immersive art events that caught his attention, leading him to focus on generative art audiovisual experiences.


His training with multimedia artist Paola Olea, focused on "exploring movement and form to transmit peace and harmony," would be the missing link in the chain to connect the conceptual ideas of his works. Matías combines light and matter to create a sensation of dynamic movement, manipulating the way light diffuses, reflects and refracts through programming, creating the illusion of movement even in three-dimensionally static works.


His works have been presented in art centers and exhibitions, as well as in international festivals such as the Islamic Art Festival, Art Miami, Bad+ Bordeaux, Contrast Gallery, Lab36 Gallery, The Gallery by Lastcrit, Exhibition with Mareo Rodriguez, Kaleido Art Experience, among others.

Journey of Light
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